Our Medical Team

Kliniken Schmieder Heidelberg

Our Medical Team

Medical Director

Prof. Dr. med. Mircea Ariel Schoenfeld

Medical Director Neurorehabilitation

About Prof. Dr. med. Mircea A. Schoenfeld

Prof. Dr. med. Mircea A. Schoenfeld is the Medical Director of the Schmieder Clinic in Heidelberg. He is a renowned scientist and a very experienced specialist in neurology. His key activities include cognitive neurology, clinical neurophysiology and the development of new and innovative therapeutic standards. He conducts basic research in the field of the visual system and investigates plastic processes that take place in the central nervous system when lesions have occurred.

Deputy Medical Director

Dr. med. Markus Bertram

Deputy Medical Director

About Dr. med. Markus Bertram

Dr. med. Markus Bertram has been the Head of the Department of Neurological Early Rehabilitation in Heidelberg for many years and is Deputy Medical Director. His key activities include the treatment of early rehabilitation patients requiring intensive care including invasive ventilation, neuro-sonological diagnostics, use of botulinum toxin, and device-based diagnostics (FEES trainer certificate) for neurogenic swallowing disorders.

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