Regulations due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Schmieder Clinic Allensbach

Please be informed about our admission and visitor regulations regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic:

Before the admission
  • The International Office supports you in all issues related to the organization of the patient’s admission at our clinic (writing invitation letters addressed to the German embassy for visa issues, organising your transport from the airport to the clinic, supporting with accommodation, writing confirmations for medical necessity of the rehabilitation). Our team is also your local personal contact during your stay.

  • If possible, please provide a negative COVID-19 swab (SARS-CoV-2-PCR) on the admission date which is not older than 48 hours and a medical certificate confirming that there are no signs of a COVID-19-infection.

  • In case of a positive COVID-19 test, the admission to our clinic has to be postponed until the patient recovers from the acute COVID-19-infection.

  • In case of a previous COVID-19-infection, a medical certificate confirming the recovery from the acute COVID-19-infection is required. In addition, a SARS-CoV-2-IgG-antibody test is required.

Admission quarantine
  • If a negative COVID-19 swab (not older than 48 hours) is provided by a quality assured and officially recognised laboratory on the admission date, the patient will undergo another COVID-19 test on the first day of the admission and will be isolated until a negative test result is available (usually after 2-3 days). During that period, the patient has to stay in his room and visitors are not permitted. The therapies will take place in the patient room.

  • If a negative COVID-19 swab by an officially recognised laboratory cannot be provided on the admission date, the patient will be isolated during the first 7 days and will undergo two COVID-19 tests on the first and sixth day of the admission. If both tests are negative, the quarantine will be terminated after approx. 7 days and visits will be permitted under our current visitor regulations.
Termination of the admission quarantine
  • After the end of the admission quarantine it its permitted that the patient can stay within the clinic area.

  • Meeting visitors outside of the patient room or ward is strictly prohibited.

  • Violations cannot be tolerated. In case of breaches there will be consequences, for instance another period of quarantine (six days at least).
Stay over of an accompanying person in the patient room
  • In our rehabilitation phase NRPM, an accompanying person is allowed to stay over in the patient room.

  • In our rehabilitation phase NRPI and NRPS, an accompanying person is not permitted to stay over in the patient room. In exceptional cases, a private nurse or medical assistant can accompany the patient during his stay after consultation with our doctors.

  • Our quarantine regulations also apply to the accompanying people that stay over in the patient room. If possible, please provide us a negative valid COVID-19 swab (not older than 48 hours and accepted by the RKI) of the accompanying person and a medical certifcate confirming that there are no signs of a COVID-19 infection on the admission date.

Current quarantine regulations for accompanying people from declared high-risk countries
  • If you provide a negative COVID-19 swab (not older than 48 hours) from a quality assured laboratory and a medical certificate confirming that there are no signs of an acute COVID-19 infection, the prescribed domestic quarantine of 14 days can be prevented.

  • If you cannot provide a negative COVID-19 swab or if the swab is not accepted by the RKI, the accompanying people can be quarantined in our guest apartments. Our medical team will do a COVID-19 test as well as a medical examination to shorten the quarantine time (quarantine usually will be terminated after 3-4 days, if the COVID-19 test turns out negative).

Current visitor regulations
  • The traffic of visitors in our clinic is currently restricted.

  • After termination of the admission quarantine, two defined visitors are allowed to visit the patient on max. three defined days of the week within a defined period of two hours.

  • It is not permitted that both visitors meet the patient at the same time.

  • Visitors are only permitted to meet the patient on the ward or in the patient room.
Travel restrictions and regulations

Please note that these regulations contribute to ensuring our patients and employees a safe environment to provide the best possible treatment under the current circumstances.

Changes can be made at any time due to the general COVID-19 situation and our clinic regulations.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our International Office.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our clinic soon!

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