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Lake Constance is not only charming for holiday-makers. This pre-alpine lake with its mild climate and its cultural surroundings is also the ideal destination for neurological patients. Our clinic in Allensbach is situated near the City of Constance facing the Isle of Reichenau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kliniken Schmieder Allensbach in the very south of Germany is sourrounded by a beautiful landscape. Forests, meadows and a bit of fruit and wine production make Lake Constance even more attractive.

Our clinic is situated above the idyllic town of Allensbach with a view on the western part of Lake Constance. The university town Constance, directly by the Swiss border, is only 10 kilometers away.

The mild climate is ideal for the cultivation of apples and wine. There are many tourist attractions in the area such as the flower island Mainau, the waterfall of the river Rhine, or the Zeppelin airship-museum in Friedrichshafen. In summer, many tourists enjoy their holidays in Allensbach on Lake Constance.

Lake Constance – international waters in the heart of Europe
Germany, Switzerland and Austria meet at Lake Constance. With a length of 63 km and a width of 14 km, the lake is one of the largest lakes in Europe. There are beautiful locations around the lake like Meersburg, a small picturesque mediaeval town with a 300-year-old castle, or Bregenz, which is famous for the outstanding open-air-opera performances on the lakefront. Lake Constance is ideal for water sports such as sailing, surfing or swimming.

Within a 90-minute drive you reach the Alps of either Switzerland or Austria, where hiking and skiing are very popular.

image galery: clinic allensbach
Clinic Allensbach with a view to Switzerland and Isle of Reichenau
entrance of the clinic
view to the clinic "House Davos" in spring
flowers in spring
House Davos
flowers in front of House Mainau
by House Lindau
sculpture "the overcoming" - a symbol for rehabilitation, created 1975 by Ilse Michaelis-Glasser
between House Mainau and House Säntis
patient in a garden of senses
basin of water at the Piazza "West meets East"
group therapy
swimming in House Höri
functional magnet resonance imaging
diagnostic: EEG
conversation with Arabic patients
Phase B: ventilated patient
Phase B: therapy scene
music therapy
training with the Armeo
historical image: a garden in the 70s for mobility-training
Station for patients from abroad
  • Multilingual personal: standards of therapy in English; if required: speechtherapy and interpreter in Arabic and Russian
  • Services: cultural specifics and individual requirements for example meals, Ramadan
  • Support Services: questions about drugs, passport, cost guarantee, medical reports, flight booking, transfers with railway, taxi etc. 
  • Leisure time facilities (Konstanz, Stuttgart, Schweiz, Zürich etc.)
  • Different capacities of guestrooms and apartments inside the clinic and the guest house next to the clinic for relatives and accompanying persons 
  • Interpreter/Translater (in English, Arabic, Russian)