Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tasks of the International Office?

The International Office is an institution of the Kliniken Schmieder which supports you in all issues related to your stay at our clinic. This includes writing invitation letters addressed to the German embassy for visa issues; support with organising your transport from and to the airport; support with accommodation; cost assurance; aids and drugs logistics etc. The team is your local personal contact.

Do you accept cost guarantees from embassies/ direct payers?

Yes, we accept cost guarantees from the following embassies: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates. Please note that the cost guarantee must be issued for Kliniken Schmieder prior to the start of treatment.

Direct payers are asked to transfer the full sum of the quotation in advance. Please understand that the date of admission to the clinic cannot be agreed until the money has arrived.

Why do I need to pay in advance?

You need to pay in advance to ensure payment of the incurring costs. If your payment exceeds the sum stated in the final invoice, the overpaid money will, of course, be refunded. If the sum stated in the final invoice exceeds your advance payment due to unforeseen complications, we will ask you to pay the outstanding amount.

Do you have additional departments/ facilities for international patients?

Kliniken Schmieder Allensbach and Heidelberg have wards and a separate lounge area for international patients. Our doctors, therapists and the nursing staff speak English, partly Russian and partly Arabic. If needed, interpreters may be called in for medical consultations and treatments.

Which are the cooperating acute hospitals for emergency cases?

For a long time, Kliniken Schmieder have been cooperated with regional, national and international cooperation partners. These include Klinikum Konstanz, Klinikum Stuttgart, Hegau Bodensee Kliniken in Radolfzell and Singen. We also cooperate with medical centres in Switzerland, e.g. the cantonal hospital of Münsterlingen or the Herz-Neuro-Zentrum (centre for cardiac and neurological disorders) in Kreuzlingen.

Which therapeutic devices do you use in your clinic?

The Kliniken Schmieder are equipped with highly specialised therapeutic devices. The Allensbach site has a swimming pool for hydrotherapy and also provides ultramodern therapeutic machines e.g. the Vector system (for gait training) and the Armeo system.

How does the daily treatment schedule for international patients look like?

Kliniken Schmieder offer all international patients a predetermined number of therapy hours per week. The treatment schedule will be prepared individually for each patient and adjusted to the patient’s health status.

How much does a stay at your clinic cost per day?

Please send us an up-to-date medical report (in German or English). As soon as our team of doctors has assessed the patient’s condition, we will send you an individual quotation.

Do I have to pay VAT?

The invoices of Kliniken Schmieder are tax-exempt but taxes must be paid for any privately bought items. You may recover these taxes on leaving Germany. You will need to present an export declaration (please ask for it when purchasing items) and the bought item on leaving Germany.

What do I need to bring for my rehabilitation stay?
  • Passport or identity card
  • 2 passport photos for the extension of visa
  • Regular clothing and nightwear (bedclothes will be provided)
  • Bathing wear (dressing gown and bath slippers will be provided)
  • Drugs (drugs for your neurological treatment will mostly be provided)
  • Tracksuit / sportswear
  • Casual shoes
  • Solid footwear
  • Sanitary products
  • Splints / supports etc.
How are the rooms furnished?

You live in a comfortable room suitable for wheelchairs, with balcony and a spacious bathroom. Most of the rooms face South, with a view over Lake Constance. All rooms are equipped with a comfortable electric bed, telephone, internet access, TV set and room safe. Your will find a hair dryer, dressing gown and bath slippers.

We offer many additional services, e.g. your personal newspaper, fresh fruit, mineral water and, of course, attractive programmes for your leisure time and excursions.

Do you offer any services/support during Ramadan?

We try our best to support our patients and their attendants during Ramadan and have therefore possibilities to eat apart from our regular times. In our clinics in Allensbach and Heidelberg we provide for example a room, where the meals can be heated up during the night and where eating together is possible. To fit the needs as good as possible, the concrete offers will be discussed with every patient and his relatives individually.

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