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Schmieder Clinic

Management of the Schmieder Clinic

Management of the Schmieder Clinic: Paul-Georg Friedrich, Dr. Dagmar Schmieder, Lisa Sophia Friedrich and Dr. Ulrich Sandholzer

Chairwoman of the Executive Board
CEO Dr. Dagmar Schmieder
Dr. Dagmar Schmieder has been managing the company since 1986. Under her leadership, the clinic grew to its present size. She puts a special focus on research and founded the Lurija Institute in 1997, which has contributed to the further development of neurological rehabilitation in Germany.

Chief Marketing Officer
Paul-Georg Friedrich
Paul-Georg Friedrich has been part of the family business since 2015. He is responsible for Marketing and Sales as well as for the international business development. Mr. Friedrich is the main contact person for partners, paying authorities, and referrers of the clinic.

Chief Research and Development Officer
Lisa Sophia Friedrich
Lisa Sophia Friedrich has been part of the family business since 2009. She is the head of the non-profit research foundation, the ZENITH institute, and the Public Relations department of the Schmieder Clinic. She is also responsible for the therapeutic expertise.

Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Ulrich Sandholzer
Dr. Ulrich Sandholzer has been working in the Schmieder Clinic since 1999. He represents the commercial part of the clinic and is responsible for Human Resources, Technology, and Infrastructure.

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