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For decades, Kliniken Schmieder have been persistent in their goal of providing neurological patients with the best possible treatment. Based on our constant drive for innovation and excellence, our family-run establishment (consisting of six different but strongly interconnected clinics) has succeeded in gaining worldwide recognition as a Competence Centre for Neurology.

As quality-leader we have actively helped to shape the history of Neurological Rehabilitation and have set new medical and therapeutic standards and impulses. We treat neurological patients with all degrees of severity, mainly in Germany’s southern province Baden-Württemberg. However, special treatment calls receive us from all over the world. Kliniken Schmieder are one of the world leading neurologic rehabilitation clinics. We are internationally renowned for our excellent diagnostics, therapeutic treatments, as well as our commitment to the research of neurological diseases.

In 1950, Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schmieder founded the first clinic in Gailingen on the High-Rhine. Nowadays, he is considered a pioneer and forerunner in the field of Neurological Rehabilitation. Early on, Prof. Schmieder was convinced that professional and intensive treatment, even a long time after the brain-injuring incident, could improve the neurological performance. His assumption turned out to be true, as modern neurological research proves. In accordance to this, our clinic’s motto is “Never give up!”. We want our patients to be hopeful, optimistic, and full of strength on their path to rehabilitation.

Our goal is to support our patients and - if possible - to try to bring them back into their old or a new working environment. Every patient receives a fully personalized and specified treatment concept. We do our very best to stabilize and improve vegetative functions, train motoric functions, treat speech and mental functions, and to overcome the psychological results of the disease/accident.

Annually, 2 200 employees in our six different clinics all over Baden-Württemberg are treating about 14 000 neurological patients in all stages of acute and rehabilitative recovery, e.g. after a traumatic brain injury or a stroke. We thus provide the complete chain of Neurological Rehabilitation one-stop, throughout all stages of the neurological phase model (Phase A to Phase D/E).

In 1997, the Lurija Institute for rehabilitation and health sciences was founded in a joint venture of Kliniken Schmieder and the University of Konstanz. Since then, numerous research projects on Neurological Rehabilitation have resulted from this cooperation. The annually awarded Schmieder-Foundation Award is additional incentive for young neurological scientists to excel in their field. Thus, our Lurija Institute generates important stimuli for research and thus develops new therapy strategies for our patients. In addition to working with the University of Konstanz, Kliniken Schmieder are involved in numerous research-cooperations with the Universities of Freiburg, Heidelberg, Tübingen, Mannheim, and Magdeburg.

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