Competent for all neurological indications

Competent for all neurological indications

Being a neurological competence centre, we treat all neurological diseases of all degrees of severities. In an ideal situation, a neurological patient who has recovered from an acute situation (such as e.g. a stroke) returns to his or her every-day life and occupation. Benefits for the patient: no transfers and no redundant diagnostics.

We provide treatment options for all different phases:

  • In the acute and early rehabilitation, we have beds equipped with ventilators and intensive medical equipment. Many different professionals (physicians of various specialties, therapists, intensive care nurses, social service providers etc.) work with the patients and their relatives to restore vital and sensorimotor functions, coordination as well as mental, cognitive, and psychic functions.
  • The post-primary rehabilitation focuses on the promotion of ADL competences (activities of daily living) as well as mental and psychological functions, social competence, and leisure competence.

Parkinson´s disease

Alzheimers´s disease



Lyme Disease



Chronic Nerve Pain


Comorbid Mental Disorders

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