"Everything helped me and added confidence every day"

Patient report: Encephalopathy

Oleksii Palamarchuk

"We have considered Kliniken Schmieder as the only option"

I am Oleksii and I am from Kyiv, Ukraine. One year ago, I noticed rather strange behaviour of my body, which I never had before. The situation seemed to get worse: I had pain in my back as well as strange and uncomfortable sensations in my palms and toes.

I have contacted a local professional in order to receive a proper piece of advice and assistance. He recommended me the clinic “Kliniken Schmieder” as the clinic with a positive experience, methods, and personnel for this condition. Actually, we have considered it as the only option. We have chosen Kliniken Schmieder due to the recommendation, but now I am ready to make my own recommendations.

Actually, we were satisfied with everything: comfort, attention, extremely friendly communication, and support.  Everything helped me and added confidence every day. In Kliniken Schmieder, I was diagnosed with an encephalopathy with a deficit of vitamin B1 and I received the appropriate treatment.

As for now, I have a rather clear understanding of what I should do to reach full recovery. The rest depends on me. However, if something goes wrong, I definitely know whom I can ask for the help. Speaking about Kliniken Schmieder, I can only repeat some words – trust, confidence, support, and extremely friendly approach. I will be glad to recommend Kliniken Schmieder to those people who need a perfect medical care.

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