"We found the help we needed at Kliniken Schmieder."

Report of a family member: Traumatic Brain Injury

Norayr S. wants to help others with his experiences

"The goal always is to find the best possible solution for our son"

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury refers to injuries to the scalp, skull, and brain caused by external force. Causes are mainly traffic accidents and falls. The injuries can be present individually or in combination - in any case, however, the brain is affected. So-called secondary damage can occur due to poor cerebral perfusion or due to the "jamming" of swelling brain parts in preformed bone cavities or connective tissue structures of the skull.

The son of Norayr S. suffered a severe traumatic brain injury as a result of a traffic accident in 2020. By telling his experiences of the stay in Kliniken Schmieder Allensbach, he wants to help others in a similar situation.

"Our son Edgar was in an accident in late 2020 in which he was severely injured. He received his primary care treatment in Moscow and moved on to rehabilitation after his discharge from the acute care treatment. We were satisfied with the treatment and the help we received, but we eventually reached a point during the rehabilitation, where we started to look for a hospital that was more suitable for the next stage of Edgars treatment.

Our treating physician in Moscow was very helpful and recommended the Kliniken Schmieder to us, which he knew. I researched their website and everything I could find on the internet. The doctors´ recommendation and my research finally made me believe that this could be the right hospital for our son to continue his treatment. Edgards doctor put us into direct contact with Dr. Neumann, a senior physician at Kliniken Schmieder, who speaks Russian. She reviewed all the files and reports and together with her we made the decision to come to Germany.

Once we had decided to come to Germany, the International Department assisted us to obtain the necessary visa, coordinated the admission date etc. When we had difficulties obtaining the visa, they helped us by directly speaking to the German Embassy in Moscow.

Upon arrival Edgar was admitted to the early rehabilitation ward in Allensbach. Due to pandemic and the restrictions for visitors, the first two weeks were not easy for us. Fortunately, after the first two weeks and it was possible to stay with Edgar during the day, which was a great relieve to all of us.

After we had settled in and got used to the new surroundings and people, we soon had the feeling that we made the right choice to come to Allensbach. The team and how they are working together really impressed us. Dr. Neumann, the therapists, and nurses work very together closely and are very professional. We feel taken care of very well and have the impression that it is not relevant where we are from or who we are, the goal always is to find the best possible solution for our son.

Coming to Kliniken Schmieder, our expectations where very high. Of course, we had the idea that Edgar would fully recover and things go back to normal, but we also knew that we had to have realistic expectations. Dr. Neumann helped us a great deal and to understand, what we could achieve and what it would take. At the end of Edgars treatment, we are leaving with the feeling that we did what was possible.

For me personally I am glad that we found the help we needed at Kliniken Schmieder and I hope that our experience can help others who are in a similar situation to make an informed choice."

At the request of the patient's relatives, we have refrained from publishing the full name as well as a picture.

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